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I completely understand your dilemma! I have a few too many WIPs too. Yours are looking lovely though! I can't wait to see more of your sunshine quilt. The sashiko book/project looks interesting. I'm trying hard to avoid clicking the link; I can't start one more thing!


I partly want to try sashiko as a form of quilting for light summer quilts, but we'll see how good I turn out to be at it first!

The sunshine quilt is getting bigger on a daily basis...


I have the Sashiko book, it's chalked full of good info and patterns you just need to try. I hope your library lets you renew it multiple times~
today i caught up on your last 5~6 posts and i don't have time for individual comments so just let me say that I love the charm quilt and sunshine quilt. please please keep posting progress shots & updates. i'm in the home stretch of a diamond star Eng. paper pieced project (with squares cut in anticipation of my first hexagon attempt) and i echo your feeling of needing to focus in order to get something done so you can enjoy using it. don't beat yourself up over having too many UFOs though. if they are meant to be finished, they will be in time.


Thanks so much for your kind comments!

I am loving paper piecing - even though it's more time consuming, it actually takes less effort to be accurate as long as the templates are cut and basted correctly.

Hopefully there will be more updates on both quilts this week!

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