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I am trying hexagons for the first time but I noticed that when you use a whip stitch you can kind of see the stitches on the front...any advice on another stitch to use or tips on how to prevent seeing the stitches?


Hi Kate! When I first started hexagons I found that my whipstitch was visible from the front, and tried a few other stitches, but after much trial and error found that stitches that were more invisible pulled the fabric out of shape and/or took even longer than whipstitch. I returned to whipstitch (feeling a bit despondent about it) and now find that my whipstitch is so small and tight you really can't see it from the front. For instance, on a 1.5" hexagon I get between 28-40 whipstitches in. Making sure that each stitch is tight as well makes all the difference in the world.

If you're using multi-coloured fabrics rather than print-on-white ones, Melanie from www.texasfreckles.com also comments that she uses an off-white/beige coloured thread, which somehow seems less obvious if it does poke through. I've stuck to white though, and haven't had any problems.

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